Possible pre-eclampsia.

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I'm hoping for some input from mothers who have had to deal with pre-eclampsia or having a preemie but any and all input is appreciated.

I'm 34 weeks pregnant with our second child. At my last doctor's appointment on Monday my blood pressure was 140/100. This scares me because I felt completely fine (no headache, no abdominal pain, no stars or blurry vision, no swelling, etc). My doctor had me stay at his office for a couple of hours and when he checked my blood pressure two more times it was 130/90. So he let me go home to my son, but he did mention that if it was high like this next week I may be hospitalized. It's been borderline high since about 24 weeks but this was the highest it has ever been.

I was wondering what to expect? If I have to deliver the baby because it's too dangerous for me at this point what sort of issues will the baby have being 5 weeks early?


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I had pre-eclampsia, but it wasn't diagnosed until I went in to be induced at 41 weeks, so I can't help with info on preemies. I can say that in terms of how you will feel, I always felt fine even though my blood pressure was extremely high. I ended up needing a c-section, and because of the high blood pressure I bled more than normal, but not so much that it was a serious health risk. I ended up being in the hospital an extra day (they can't discharge you until your pressure is below a certain point), and I had to take meds for about 6 weeks until my pressure returned to normal. If you get any of the symptoms, though, let your doctor know right away!

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Hi I had my daughter at 32 weeks after days they tried to induce with medication. In my particular situation,(I'm not trying to scare you) the dr.s wanted to induce so they gave meds to help than tried to keep her for two more days in the womb. So basicslly left with contractions,while with high blood pressure meds and on magnesium. But all in all when my princess came into the world she was 3lbs 15oz. No issues just a small baby. But she is more prone to ear infections a lot more than most. Other than that such a happy healthy baby. All of our situations are different I hope and pray everything goes great!

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It is really hard to say. Best case would be like with my last 2 kids both preemies due to pre-e at 35 and 33 weeks. Both were c-sections due to failed induction/progression issues. With the 33 weeker I was given steroid shots for her lungs. They had no problems at birth and were 4lb 1oz and 4lb 13.8oz respectively. One was in NICU for 7 days and one for 8 days. Both are perfectly healthy. With the last one I did have to take medication for my bp after delivery for a few months until it returned to normal.

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Hi, I had my daughter at 30 weeks due to pre eclampsia. I didnt have any symptoms but my blood pressure hit 170/110 so they had to take the baby. It was a C-Section. I was given certain drugs to make sure her lungs were developed and it helped as she didnt have any respiratory problems when she was born. She cried at birth and needed oxygen for 2 days. She was born very tiny, weighing 1260 grams. Was in the hospital for abt 6 weeks but was growing fine. Feeding was a task since i had to pump and feed and once she was home we had to be very careful as she was prone to infections until she turned 6 months. There are a few mandatory tests which are done on preemies in their first year and it really helped us. Initial days were difficult especially me being home and she in the hospital but we did it. She is 3 yrs old now and a very bright girl. She caught up kids her age by the time she was 2.

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My best friend had pre-eclampsia. She was actually not feeling good when we went to visit and ended up going to the hospital that day and having the baby the next. I think she was about 34 weeks along. If you are hospitalized they will probably check the baby's lungs to see if it would be safe to deliver. If not they may try to keep you blood pressure under control and give you drugs to help his lungs mature. You may not have that option. If they can't get your blood pressure under control they may just deliver the baby. Most babies are fine being delivered at 34 weeks. He may have to stay in the hospital a few days, but most babies born at 34 weeks got home after 48 hours.

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It would all depend on how developed your baby is even at 5 weeks early. Preemies are notorious for getting sick easier and having respiratory problems either just a little or a lot. Since it is mid summer a lot of the risks are less than if your baby was born during flu season or in the winter. However a BP of 140/100 is enough to keep any pregnant woman in the hospital. If it gets much higher there is a risk they would need to take the baby out earlier.
Now for the good news. Don't worry. With today's medicine doctors can help you keep your baby right where your baby is for as long as possible and if they do have to take the baby early chances are you both will be happy, healthy and going home within a week or two. (month at the most) I say relax and enjoy being pregnant. Don't stress out or worry over it because that could make your BP higher. Forget about it and enjoy life. All to soon you will be even more busy and wishing for more sleep than you are getting now. :) Congrats on your new baby and we hope to see pics soon. god bless

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