Possible preclampsia at 36 weeks?

Danielle - posted on 08/10/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hello ladies,
I am 36 weeks pregnant and for the las couple months I've had run into some pregnancy issues. I have had gestational diabetes since I've been around 16-20 weeks pregnant, and I've also had trace amounts of protein in my urine.

My last appointment, my urine tests came back with significant traces of protein. My doctor sent my urine to be analyzed, and in the meantime I'm waiting.. I am concerned because I have also had other signs of preclampsia like eye vision changes, unexpected swelling of my hands and feet ( it comes and goes ), and I've also had horrible migraines. Every time I mention this to the doctors or nurses they seem to shrug it off because my blood pressure is still in a normal range..

My question is: how serious can this condition get? Should my doctor and hospital staff be doing more ( I've been in the hospital for my migraines)? How bad will my condition have to get before drastic measures will be taken? What was your experience with preclampsia? We're there any signs or did it suddenly occur? Was your baby taken early? Was there any side affects of the condition yourself or the baby?
Is there anything I can do to ensure it doesn't develop to preclempsia?

Any information or stories will be helpful!!


Emma - posted on 08/10/2012




i had preclampsia with my first Bree-anna was born at 32 weeks who is now a health 5 year old , my second lachlan my son was born at 37 weeks i also had preclampsia with him all was fine ... my 3rd i didnt get preclampsia .....mia she was born at 38 weeks .. before i found out i had preclampsia with bree i felt sick my feet , hand and face was swollen i then went to hospital and was rushed to melbourne to have her .. she was in hospital for 2 weeks there and then transfered to wodonga where i was living she stayed in hospital for 4 weeks then come home ... she was very well just little thats why she had to be in hospital ;) i have had now 3 c-section and my 4th when i do fall pregnant will also have to be a c-section

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