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Sara - posted on 01/31/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




So lately I feel that my stomach is getting larger and I've had weird feelings in my stomach that feel like kicking. I've gained no weight or had any symptoms of pregnancy, other than maybe being a bit tired. I recently started my last semester at my community college, which could account for being tired. I haven't missed a period, but I'm on the Nuvaring and my doctor did not explain what to expect with the Nuvaring.

I've had several urine tests that came back negative. I went to the ER last week and had Xrays done, but I'm unsure if they baby would have shown up. If I calculated correctly, I would be 6 months along. I'm not showing or anything, just my stomach appears larger to me for some reason. If you press on my stomach, it's very squishy and I can still suck it in. My doctors tell me I'm not pregnant and I've had another set of Xrays since I was at the ER. Would the Xrays have shown the bones of the baby? My GYN won't give me an ultrasound because she is certain I'm not pregnant, same for the PCP and my stomach doctor.

I've heard of bodies thinking they're pregnant but they're not...but I keep feeling movement in my stomach which was diagnosed as gas and stomach spasms. Any opinions out there?


Jessica - posted on 01/31/2014




An X-ray would definitely show the bones of the baby... And at 6 months they would be hard to miss.

Not sure what your symptoms could be, but probably worth a second opinion.

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