Possibly pregnant with 2nd baby - if I do a 5K will it be harmful?

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I started exercising about 4 months ago, with intense workouts. I'm still over weight but much more physically fit than before. I'm still doing exercises 6 days a week, not as intense as the beginning but now doing p90x. (intense enough lol)

I suspect pregnancy because I've got that lower tummy feeling I did with my first, but not sure yet. I still have half a week to a week to find out for sure. It could be period pains, idk..

I am wanting to do a mud run 5K, its a run, walk, obstacle course and it is this weekend. Possibly when I can find out. lol the tickets are non-refundable, and I don't want to put a baby at risk at all.

Do you think it could be harmful if I am pregnant?

My first pregnancy, I didn't workout at all. I was too afraid, so I don't know the limits. Thanks for the advice in advance!


Faye - posted on 05/15/2013




My SIL is 5 months now and continues to run in half marathons, yet she has been doing that for years so her body is used to it. Granted it is a regular plotted course, so no mud, which could cause different stress points on the body than pavement does.

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It would be harmful if your body was not already used to this kind of excercise, but since it is you SHOULD be ok, but I would check with the doctor first. I know people who have run marathons, and horseback riding etc....but their bodies were already used to this kind of activity.


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