Post baby blues?

Tracy - posted on 02/26/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




I had my 3rd child two weeks ago. A beautiful, healthy little girl. When I found out I was pregnant I was anything but happy. I told my husband "congratulations, you're going to be a dad of 3". Then I thought the pregnancy was ectopic and felt horrible that I wasn't happy with the pregnancy and I would have to terminate it. Thankfully the pregnancy was not ectopic. Eventually I came to terms with the pregnancy (not happy but not unhappy either). I wasn't happy with the size my belly was. I thought I was too small. She was the most active of all my babies; it was nice to feel her moving around. When I was 4 weeks from delivering I was anxious about when she would come. Would my hubby be home? What would I do with my other 2? Now that she has arrived I'm still not happy. She has jaundice badly and sleeps ALL the time. I have to try wake her every 2 hours for feedings. when she does wake she only feeds off one breast. She seems to tire easily. I want to get out and get exercise but don't want to expose her to germs prior to her 1st vaccinations. I just want to be happy. I love my kids and am glad to have all 3 of them and for them to be healthy. Please help. What is wrong with me? I haven't been happy for the past 9 months. I just want to be happy...and appreciative of the blessings in my life.


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Connie - posted on 02/27/2012




go talk to your doctor...i would say odds are good it is the baby blues. they can help...also, as long as your baby is breastfeeding the sunshine and fresh air will do her good and will help with the jaundice. she is already getting antibodies from your immune system. best wishes, God bless!

Katherine - posted on 02/26/2012




It definitely could be PPD. I would talk to your doctor about it. I suffered from it with both girls and it was awful.

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