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Corinne - posted on 06/10/2009 ( 11 moms have responded )




I cant tell you how many times i have heard a mom complain about the post baby celebrities being perfectly fit and beautiful right after their babies are born! Im here to point out to you that celebrities have all the money and resources with them! doctors, personal trainers, nutritionists, etc!!

NEVERRRRR compare yourself to them!! If you feel down about yourself then look into what you do in your day! Start an exersize routine and start eating healthy! I know its difficult to motivate yourself sometimes but its the only way! You dont have to kill yourself with a 5 hour workout but maybe 30 minutes a day! I found Baby Yoga dvds at target! Go for a walk with a friend....hell even going to the mall and walking around can be enough sometimes!

I wish everyone all the luck in getting a body that you feel happy with! you are all beautiful and best of all .. MOMS!! (nothing beats that! :)


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Zielke - posted on 06/15/2009




I would also look like a celeb if i had personal trainers, and someone cooking the proper food for me. And running after my child so that i can sleep in.


Lisa - posted on 06/15/2009




Sorry I'm one of these mums, which my first I did drop a jeans size when pg so after I had ds 1, I had to get someone to get me clothes that stayed up to leave the hospital. And with my second my before size was a uk 14 and within 2 days I was down to a uk 12. I breastfed my first, but my second wouldn't latch so he was bottle fed.

[deleted account]

My point is that some celebs would have us think they are super human. The ones who had surgery to get their figure back will never admit to it. They also never admit to leaving baby with the nanny as often as they do. They would have us think that they scrub their own floor, bake their own bread and make their own baby clothes and never diet/surgery to get their figure back. Now they really are PERFECT MOMS if there is any truth to what they tell the interviewer.

LaCi - posted on 06/12/2009




Quoting Ann:

I actually watched a special on this and a lot of them have a c-lift which is a c-sectioon with a tummy tuck, but it is a risky thing, I guess if your image is your business its worth it, running around after my 1 year old is my workout!!!


thats actually so funny. i had a c section and i told the doc to tighten my abs up while he was in there- jokingly- i didnt know people could really do that! lol 


maybe i shouldn't have been joking... 

Tanya - posted on 06/12/2009




I agree with Classic cakes, I lost my weight within 4 weeks and I put on adequate weight throughout my pregnancy. I breast fed also and believe myself to be very lucky that I lost the weight. I believe that everyone just has to be strong and not get depressed about it, the better you feel the better you look!!!!

Classic (Louise) - posted on 06/11/2009




My new grandson will be 4 weeks old this Saturday (born 5/16/09). My daughter only gained about 15 lbs during her pregnancy and this is her 1st baby. (He was 1 born one week past her due date.) She is breastfeeding and has already lost all her "baby weight" and is back into her "pre-pregnant" size jeans... without any exercise or work out. I know this because she lives beside me and I see her (and baby) every day! I realize that everyone does not breastfeed, but it sure helped her! She just started back with the church softball league tonight (that she played with last year) and after being out of practice, she got a hit!!!

Catherine - posted on 06/10/2009




ugh, celebrities! It took me 6 months to lose baby weight from my 1st and I worked hard! These people who look good right after having a baby are genetic freaks or they didnt gain adequate weight when they were pregnant.

Tiffany - posted on 06/10/2009




I completly agree with everyones feedback here! I gained 58 pounds when i was did i lose it??? just by walkin around with baby in stroller. It took a long time but its not worth it to stress yourself over crazy workouts and not eating right. Celebrities have money to do what they want!

[deleted account]

The best one is when they pretend they are up all hours of the night and they always find quality time for their kids when they are not doing photo shoots and getting their done. They hardly ever leave their baby with the nanny and always make thier own organic homemade baby food. I stopped reading parenting magazines because I was sick of the celeb mum interviews. If you really want to feel bad about your looks and your parenting skills then carry on believing what celeb moms say.

Ann - posted on 06/10/2009




I actually watched a special on this and a lot of them have a c-lift which is a c-sectioon with a tummy tuck, but it is a risky thing, I guess if your image is your business its worth it, running around after my 1 year old is my workout!!!

Betsy - posted on 06/10/2009




Plus, most celebrities, to succeed in the business, have high metabolisms and are already in top shape, with a genetic predisposition of a great body. It is the same with regular moms. Some are naturally in better shape due to genetics, plus if they already work out regularly, it is easier to get right back into shape. For anyone with excess weight after baby, the healthiest way to get back into shape, especially after an adjustment of having a baby, is slowly and steadily, with exercise and regularly healthy meals. Overdoing workouts when you aren't used to them and crash diets don't work well and do not help a woman's body recover after childbirth. The key is to build a stronger, healthier body after your body has been challenged by pregnancy and delivery, and not to make it weaker!

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