Post Partum Cardiomyopathy

Lindsey - posted on 04/29/2013 ( 3 moms have responded )




I thought I would write about this to let everyone know about my experience. Im 24 and I was pregnant with my 3rd baby Stokely. Both of my previous pregnancies were very normal and had vaginal deliveries. This past one was much much worse. I knew from the moment I found out I was pregnant that something was wrong. I felt different and gained weight very fast within the first month. My doctors kept telling me it was normal and I was fine. When I was 29 weeks I went into labor. They stopped my labor with meds and never put me on bed rest. My baby was 4lbs at that time. When they released me from the hospital I was extremely swollen. My doctor said that they would go down over a week or so, but my legs and feet got progressively worse. It was really scary.

When I was 36 weeks I felt extreme pressure and felt the same feeling of when I went into labor at 29 weeks. I called and was told to go to the hospital to get checked. I was dialated to one and was told that I was going through preeclampsia. My blood pressure was 146/95. I was admitted and given Pitocin to jumpstart my labor to get the baby out faster. I slept over night with very mild contractions and by the next afternoon I was dialated to three. Right after they checked me at 12pm my water broke seconds later. I jumped all the way to ten cent in an hour even while they were giving me my epideral. He was born ten min right after they were done. Noone could believe how fast he was born. I was in terrible pain and begging for help because I couldnt breathe. But once again the doctors didnt seem concerned or worried about what had happened to me.

The next day my feet were still very swollen and just kept getting worse. And my blood pressure was still very high. They sent me and my son home anyways. He was perfectly healthy though, weighed 6'8 and never had problems breathing being so early.

Only after three days of being home I woke up in the middle of the night and could not breathe. I told my husband I thought I was sick and didnt want to get the baby sick so I was going to the ER. When I got there they checked me and said my blood pressure was 174/120. I was immidietly taken back and sent to maternity because they thought it was maternity related. I spent 24 hours in maternity on IVs, my doctor thought it was still the preeclampsia. But she then realized it wasnt and sent me to ICU. My bp was now 189/130. A cardiologist was then rushed to see me. Xrays and ultrasounds were taken. There was fluid all over my lungs. And my heart was failing. I had no idea what was happening.

I had to stay in the hospital for over a week trying to get my bp to go down. If it didnt they were considering a heart transplant. I was on tons of diaretics to drain all of the fluid. They preformed a Echo the day before I left and said my heart was starting to pump on its own now and looking alot stronger then it did when I came to the hospital so I was released the next day. In my mind this could have all been prevented if my doctors would have taken more time to listen to my concerns about the swelling and pain I was in. But instead they waited till the fluid got into my lungs and caused my heart to work harder and bp to go up. Im now on lots of meds at home and have to check my bp everyday and report it to the nurses. Ladies always make sure you express to your doctors how youre feeling to protect you and your baby.


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Diana - posted on 09/22/2014




Hi Lindsey! Do you know what's your ejection factor (heart's ability to pump) now? I was just recently diagnosed with this too and we share the same experience. It's been over a month now and I'm still recovering. Also, were you able to breastfeed?

Lindsey - posted on 04/29/2013




exactly, hopefully they see what happened to me and know now to listen to their patients every complain. They could really help someone early enough so nothing bad happens after the baby is born or during pregnancy.

~♥Little Miss - posted on 04/29/2013




That is awful and very scary. But you are absolutely right. Sometimes they just don't listen, and already have pre conceived notions of what is going on with a patient instead of finding out. The best doctor listens and treats each patient per case, not line a line at the deli, take a number, quick in and out.

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