Post Partum Pre-E?

Krystal - posted on 01/03/2014 ( 2 moms have responded )




I am on day 8 after giving birth. In the hospital my BP slowly started to elevate. After 48 hours and release it was 158/90, a little elevated but released me saying to watch my BP at home. This was on Saturday. Monday my BP jumped to 210/109. My OB had me come in immediately. In the office it went down to 168/99. So I was sent home on a low dose of BP meds. By Tuesday night I had a pounding headache my BP was 190/109. I went into the ER where they took my BP at 189/110. After 4 hours in the ER with IV benadryl for the headache and a fluid IV, they sent me home because they said my BP resolved itself at 136/79. My blood pressure meds were raised for home.

Today is Friday and my BP is still measuring around 190/105. I have since quadrupled my meds from the first day. I am to monitor my BP until Sunday. If I am still having high readings then I have to call the on call OB again and they would access what to do then.

Anyone else have something similar? I am so scared I will have a stroke or something else happen. I am tying to get as much rest as possible, but with an 8 day old son, this is almost impossible. I do know from the ER blood work that I have low potassium, and I know that can have an effect on BP, so I have been eating an banana every day to try and help. Any advice? I also still have horrible swelling in my legs, feet, and abdomen.


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Michelle - posted on 07/05/2017




I have been having high blood pressure and severe headaches as well
I am 13 days post partum
They suspected post partum preeclampsia but my blood work was all fine
So they are managing the blood pressure with meds but have no idea what is causing it and have no solution for the pain in my head plus I have severe chills and a fever of 101
I was treated for post partum endometrisis caused from baby pooping in the uterus and been on antibiotics for that for 8 days
And just spent 4 days in hospital on iv antibiotics but they still have no clue about the cause of the blood pressure or headaches and the fever and chills should be gone if that was uterine infection related

I understand your fear of strokes etc
I worry too

Seeing my family doc tomorrow
Hoping he can sort me out

Good luck to you
Keep pushing the doctor to find a solution
There has to be one

Stephanie - posted on 01/04/2014




I had pre-eclampsia as well not as severe but high BP im surprised they haven't kept u in the hospital with as high of BP as uve been having. Hope they resolve that for u

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