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I just went to my profile and someone rated one of my posts as being bad. How do I see what I posted that was so bad? Also, if I feel someone's post is bad how do I rate it as being such? If i gave subpar advice I'd like to know. I have thick skin and don't mind being called out on something but to see I have given a bad post and not know what for irritates me.


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Holly yes that's exactly the place I am talking about. I just happened to look there yesterday and in the list I see I have
57 helpful
7 funny
17 nice
37 encouraging
5 best
1 bad
Also, where did the best come from? That's not even in my selection either. just the first 4 I have listed.

I noticed too when someone rates my post I receive an email(which is the way I have it set up) and it just tells me my post was rated by so and so but it no longer tells me how they rated my post in the email. And when I click on the link it will bring me to the conversation but not the post that was rated. Another thing too is if more than one peson rates my post I haven't a clue as to who rated it as what.


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Jenni - posted on 04/07/2011




I have this...

420 helpful

246 funny

98 nice

142 encouraging

27 best

5 great

I was thinking the best and great had something to do with the number of likes your post receives in a thread. But now I'm not so sure.... That wouldn't account for getting a 'bad'!

How the heck do you get these things?

And well we're on the topic of weird occurences on COM. I've had like freakin 50 people liking my post the thread "My two year old hoarder..." (Heck, I didn't think that post was that good :/) but for some reason it only shows I have 1 encouraging, 1 nice and 1 helpful. I'm getting 'ghost' likes.

Sarah - posted on 04/07/2011




The last one in my list is "badges" perhaps there was some error that's knocked the last few letters off :)

[deleted account]

Bad? Dang... I haven't seen that. I wish there was some way to rate some posts as 'bad' though (not yours Heather! lol)... Hmmm...

Okay, ;ooking at my profile, I see on the left hand side there's the list of how many of each rating I have, is that where it is? I have 8 'best' but no 'bad'... Now I'm really wondering what it means...

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