Postnatal loss, now horribly engorged

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I had a second trimester delivery and my LO did not survive. Dealing with her death is difficult and honestly not something I want to discuss in this post so condolences.

Despite everything I am VERY engorged. Obviously I have no reason to pump, express, or nurse. I've gotten more and more engorged over the past 2 days and now I'm beginning to wonder if i'm reaching the point of an infection. The pain will not go away, it may be lessened with cabbage leaves, cold compress or ibuprofen but I am unable to do anything but lay on my back, if my arm brushes past them or anything touches them they hurt like HECK. I'm beyond having parts that feel hard EVERYTHING feels hard on every single side. I've called lactation consultants at two different hospitals and neither have called back. I've gotten mixed answers as to whether I should try to pump or not but the problem is that since I haven't tried to stimulate nursing I don't get anything out but colostrum so it's unlikely I can "empty" or relieve them since I don't really have "milk" yet. Any suggestions?


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i lost my daughter at 5 months 6 days,about 2-3 days after havin her my milk came in and boy did it hurt as it was comin in,they got huge and really hard but within 1-2 weeks they went down,some milk still came out but it finally went away and its been a month 1 week and 5 days since our lil girl has been gone,just keep doin the cabbage leaves it should work,whatever u do dont pump cuz then ur body will think it should keep producein the milk

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I know that there is a medication that SOME doctors might prescribe, I think that it is also used in patients with Parkinsons. I have heard mixed reviews as to whether it works and if the side effects are worth taking it... So I am not sure if where you live you would even be able to get it.

Sage tea is supposed to be quite helpful in drying up breastmilk, and I would assume the same would go for colostrum, I think you would find it in a health food store or maybe in the herbal section of your pharmacy. I have heard that it can work fairly quickly and some people only need to drink 4-6 cups (spaced out every 4-6 hours) to notice a big improvement.

If you have any leaking try bending forward and letting your breasts drain on their own, as opposed to any sort of stimulation.

Cold compresses, ibuprofen and a very snug fitting sports bra seem to be the most tried and true methods, although they don't give any immediate relief, which I am sure is what you would prefer.

As for infection, if your breasts are hot to the touch, if you start feeling flu-like or have a fever you should take a trip to the ER...

Probably not the most helpful post, but hopefully you get some relief soon. Good luck~

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