Potty training 2 1/2 year old son

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Potty training 2 1/2 year old son

Heather Chappell
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Tues Feb 23: I started by having him wear no diaper just shorts. I took him to sit on the toilet every 30 mins. He would only sit on it for like 10-15secs each time. I try to convince him to sit again or longer. No success. He had a few accidents (including one poop) outside then I put a swimmer pull up on (til my pull ups got here on Thursday) him and sent him to bed for naptime. After naps same routine, but i decided to just keep his shorts off and not wear any bottoms. Only this time he was peeing literally every 5-10 minutes. So I turned the heater on (thinking maybe he's cold). After an hour or so of that it finally went back to the normal routine. And the few times before going to bed I got him to sit on the toilet for like 5 mins.
Day one no success.

Wed Feb 24: I did the same thing. No bottoms. Every 30 minutes we try. He sit on the toilet 5 mins even somettolietonger each time. Let 95% of the time he was willing and ok with going to go sit on the toilet. Everything was kind of the same as tues. Only this time I noticed he didn't poop all day and I know he needed too but was holding it in. I tried to convince him to go poop in the toilet but nothing. Later that night, he kept telling me he needed to go poop, I take him, nothing and it repeated at least 6 times, if not more. He went pee finally in the toliet once. Then about 30 or so minutes later he started to push at one point so I grabbed him and sat him on the toliet and he went (probably cuz he already started). He only did a little and said he was done but then pooped more like 10 mins later in a swimmer pull up (just before bed, of course:( )
Day two a tiny success

Thurs Feb 25: same as yesterday. After his nap. I kind of gave up.

Will I see any success? Is he ready? He's my second kid. My first is a girl and she was hard but finally got her to go eventually. I hate potty training. And I still have two boys after him :( I rather pay someone else to do it. Anyways will he be potty trained soon? I have a 3, 2 (him), 1 and 2 month year old. Would it be better if I have my mom watch the other kids for the week while Shane and I can focus more on this and have one and one time with the potty time?


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Each kiddo is different. My eldest trained himself, basically, once he found out he was going to be a big brother. His reasoning? Because a BIG BROTHER doesn't wear diapers. So...that was easy, eh?

Along comes my second...the stubbornest child on earth, I swear! He was almost 3 before I (and our nanny) absolutely had to force train him. Why? Because when asked why he wouldn't use the toilet, he responded "that's what my diapers are for". Needless to say, that indicated the kid knew darn good and well that he should be using the toilet, but he didn't choose to. He didn't get a choice after that. We went straight to underwear, and every time he had an accident, he had to help clean it out of his undies. Time to train? 1.5 weeks.

It may be that your LO isn't quite ready for that step. Ask him why he doesn't like to use the toilet, see what he says. If he says it scares him, or feels funny, then let it be for a bit, but try to make bathroom time fun (for peeing he can aim at pieces of cereal in the bowl for example).

Bowel movements can be problematic. Kids see this as losing a 'part' of themselves. I think it's because they can really feel the action, unlike when they pee. Some are actually scared to poop! That takes a bit more time, explanation, and patience...and LOTS of rewards and excitement when he does go in the toilet.

Good luck!

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