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I am trying to potty train my 2 year old but when she has panties on she knows what to do but when I put her pull up on she knows she can go in them but I dont know what to do to get her fully potty trained. I am afraid of her riding in the car with panties on because I think she will potty in her seat. I need some suggestions?


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Every kid is different and what you do depends on what works best for your family.

When my girls were potty training... they were 100% successful as long as they were naked. W/ ANYTHING on their bottoms... the success rate dropped to about 50%. So.. they stayed naked at home and we used pull ups for sleeping and in public until they were only having rare wetting in the pull up while out.

My son was a different story entirely. He potty trained himself and was completely day and night trained for about a month before he would even START to wear underwear..... He's been out of diapers during the day (still holding on to the diaper at night even though he doesn't need it) for almost 4 months now and he is so reliable that I don't even have any spare pants in our van for him.

Maybe you could try taking her on short 'trial runs' in panties and work up to longer and longer times. The good thing about car seat covers is that they ARE washable. ;)


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Belinda - posted on 03/29/2011




I think that you have answered your own question, get rid of the pullups and trust you child. If she knows what to do when she is at home, why would this change when she is in the car?

Just before getting into the car I would take her to the toilet and check with her occasionally (say every 30 min to start with) when you are out. If she does have an accident in the car she will be very uncomfortable and my guess is that she will not do it again. If this does happen don't make a big deal about it, just explain that the car seat is not where a person wees or poos. You could also place a towel in her car seat for the first time.

Good Luck

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