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Laura - posted on 10/02/2011 ( 1 mom has responded )




My 3 year old niece has an issue making poo in the toilet.

In an attempt to get her to make the move from nappy to toilet, we may be adding too much pressure on her and she then refuses to go. This causes constipation.

We have alredy tried potty chart and reward system... she just wont do it! Anyone have advice?

In order to get her into a creche next year, she has t be totally off nappiesm so we have time constraints.

Look forward to some positive tips.


Peita - posted on 10/02/2011




Why won't Creche accept her with a toileting issue?? My cousin did this till he was 8 years old, we have no idea why, he saw psycholigists and behaviour therapists and they kept coming back with he will grow oout of it, there is nothing wrong with him. He however was allowed to go to Creche/daycare and moved on with his peers, he just needed a little more support with his toileting needs. My own child was out of nappies when he was 2 and very rarely had wee accidents, but he did every single poo in his undies, I too tried reward/sticker charts, but in the end the only thing that worked for him was 'if you do a poo in the toilet, you can have a lollipop', he is nearly 8 now and he still had the occasional poo accident untill about 6 mmonths ago. So I guess my suggestion is to find something small that your niece likes and bribe, sometimes the bribe is worth the outcome, I try not to bribe my kids, but after 6 months of poo in my boys undies, I was ready to try anything lol!! Try not to pressure her, I used to just tell my son that poo's go in the toilet too and I would take him with me to clean out his undies, wipe his bottom and get him to flush. I have had children in daycare centres before that kept soiling their undies and in consultation with their parents, we would give the children rubber gloves and while supervised, they would clean themselves up to the best of their ability and then we would do a final clean up.. Does your niece wear underpants often, maybe just get rid of the nappies and be persistant and consistant with your approach to poo's and eventually she will get the hang of it, sometimes kids poo in nappies because they are a bit lazy... That's just about all of my ideas lol! Good luck....

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