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My son is 2 and a half. I was hoping to potty train him during March or April, but he was not ready. Two weeks ago I started taking him to the toilet at regular intervals, either every 20 or 30 minutes. The problem is that I work weekends and the past two weekends I know my husband has not had our son in underwear. I know my husband does not want to clean up pee or poop from the floor or underwear, but he also takes our son lots of places on the weekend, so he just puts him in a diaper.

I *think* my son is ready. When I put him on the toilet, he pees or if he doesn't have to go, he does try, so I am pretty sure he knows the feeling. I know he knows the feeling for pooping, because he walks into a different room, is quiet, then comes back smelling like poop. This morning, right after peeing on the potty, I let him stay naked, while I got dressed and he pooped on the floor. He knew he pooped and he jumped up screaming. But that's it. He didn't say he had to go. He has ever only told me three times he had to pee. Accidents happen occasionally, but not too much. From some of the things I've read, parents say it is different if kids pee in their underwear, rather then a diaper and will want to be changed. Well when my son peed in his underwear, he did not let me know. So maybe he isn't fully ready? That is question number one. Does he seem ready?

Question two would be about buying Pull-Ups. Originally (and I still feel this way) I just wanted to stick with underwear. Way cheaper and I was hoping he would train in a week if I stuck to the routine. However I'm thinking that may not happen. I also know that if he had pull ups, then my husband would be more likely to use them and then take him to the toilet every so often. Plus now that it is summer we go to the park often. My husband takes him every night and I take him to the park during the day, or the library or shopping... I was estimating that we would use two pull-ups a day (because we would put him in a diaper for nap or bed and I would keep him in underwear while we were at home.) However even if we only use two pull ups a day, that is 14 a week, and packs only have 24 in a pack. We don't really have the money to buy tons and tons of pull ups. We don't belong to big discount chain stores, like BJ's or Sam's, etc. so it would be pretty pricey. So I was just wondering what parents do in a situation like mine. Do you just buckle down and stay home for a week straight or do you buy the pull ups and hope your child trains fast? Along the lines of buying pull ups, if my son is not ready yet, would I stick with diapers and forget about the potty completely?

Sorry for the length of the post and thanks in advance.


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There are really cheap pull up like diapers at cvs and drug stores like that, plus they offer discounts on top of that. I might suggest buying a potty watch for your husband to use when he watches your son. You set it to time intervals and it plays a song, either your son or husband could wear it. I'd make my husband wear it... It may be embarrassing to hear a potty song go off every 20 min but just imagine if you had to wear wet shorts because your dad didn't help you be a big boy and use the potty. It took my husband a while to get the hang of it with our daughter.. She took almost a full year, but I think your son is ready... Stick to the underwear and if more mistakes happen under dads watch that's dads fault... Not yours. He's just as responsible for training your child as you are

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