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Sarah - posted on 10/28/2013




In general probably. Most girls train between the ages of 2-3 yrs and most boys are 3-4 yrs. Is your 16 month old showing signs of being interested in potty training? If he/she is not showing any interest then don't push it. When he/she is ready they will let you know. Now if they are showing interest encourage what they are doing. Don't expect them to be ready to be full trained anytime soon.....just follow their lead. My youngest started out by wanting to wipe(with clothes on) when I would go to the bathroom. She is taking interest, but was not ready to be sitting on the potty and trying yet. After several months she then would want to sit on the potty sometimes with clothes on and sometimes not.....but it was just a here and there thing nothing regular. It was like she was just trying things out and figuring out how it all works. They will let you know what they are ready for and when. Follow your child's lead. Encourage but DON'T push. Your child may train at 18 months or your child may train at 4 yrs. No matter when he/she trains when he/she is 16 yrs old no one is going to be able to tell if he/she trained at 18 months or at 4 yrs.

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