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I am currently trying to potty train my middle daughter who will be 3 in July. I have tried a timer, a reward system, a stupid/funny potty dance, three diferent pottys, and big girl panties; nothing is working!!! Any suggestions?


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Also, whenever she is ready, get your other children involved in encouraging and cheering her on. Whenever my son goes on the potty, my 4 year old claps and cheers for him and insists on a high five, which little brother LOVES, so that's an emotional reward as well. And then they both get the treat: little brother for accomplishing the deed, and big brother for being encouraging and supportive. It's a great, subtle way to teach kids to care about others and support each other through struggles.

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She may not be ready, plain and simple. Or she may be stubborn and maybe you haven't been patient enough. Some kids take longer than others. My son will be 3 in a couple months and was not responding at all to any method I tried. Everyone kept telling me he wasn't ready, because he has some sensory issues so they assumed he can't feel it yet or control it. But I was getting mixed signals from him on the tell tale signs of readiness, so I didn't want to just assume he wasn't ready and leave him to possibly get into the habit of knowingly relying on diapers. But nothing that worked with my first child was working with him. Then I read about the naked potty training method and decided to give that a try. It's huge time commitment; you have to have several days where you can pretty much do NOTHING but potty training, go nowhere and have no one over to your place to distract you. The blog I read said this usually works so effectively that you can literally potty train in three days. This was not the case for my son, however, as I said he has sensory issues so I knew it would be more work for him that most kids. But it WAS the kick start he needed that no other method seemed to give him. Going naked helped him to realize when he was going. Starting out, he would start peeing and not even realize what was happening until he was almost done. Gradually, he started getting to the potty AS he was peeing. By halfway through the SECOND day, he was getting himself on the potty before he went! It really did make that big of a difference that fast. Now we still have the problem of him using whatever he's wearing as back-up to pee in, even underwear. He does great naked, but if he's wearing anything at all, he will just go in that. And obviously he can't just be naked all the time everywhere we go. But the naked method helped him recognize how the whole things feels and works. So NOW I have started incorporating other methods, setting a timer for every thirty minutes and giving a small treat for going, a larger treat for recognizing on his own that he needs to go without having to wait for the timer, and he is doing very well with these methods that were unsuccessful before. My advice: give the naked method a try, and if she doesn't respond to that or any method you've already tried, then she's probably not ready and you can try again in a few months. Here's a link if you're not familiar with the naked method already:
It's not as daunting as it might sound, if you are able to commit almost all of your time and attention to solely potty training for those few days. I didn't have as many messes to clean up as I anticipated, because I stayed right by him, watched closely and kept the potty in the room we were in, so I could get him to the potty as soon as he started going. I just made sure I had floor cleaner and plenty of towels on hand.

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You just have to be patient. She may not be ready to train yet. My daughter will be 3 in May and we are just starting the process, but FAR from being trained. When they are ready it will click and they will do it, but until then all you can do is encourage and not push it.

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