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Lisa - posted on 12/22/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




I am on my third week of potty training my 2.5 year old son. He has no problem going pee in the potty or even sitting on the potty. He has a chart that he gets to put a star on every time he goes. I set a timer for 20 min. and have been telling its potty time, he runs to the bathroom no problem. I have been using pull ups on him, when he is on the potty he will go just fine, in the twenty between he will fill his pull up with pee. He isn't telling me he needs to go, pulls ups are too pricey to go through that many a day. Any advice would be appreciated.


Sarah - posted on 12/22/2013




I would suggest just using diapers until he has figured out how to use his control muscles. What he is doing now is GREAT! But it might be some time before he is ready to use the underwear. With potty training there is learning how to potty (which that you can teach) then there is the ability to control your muscle that holds pee (that develops as a child gets older). In general that muscle in boys develops later then girls....though you can have some boys that train sooner then some girls. So right now it sounds like he is getting the teaching part down good. Now you just have to wait for the developmental part and that just takes time. When you start to notice that he is staying dry longer then you know that muscle is working. At that time then I would switch to underwear and do pull-ups only at night.

Michelle - posted on 12/22/2013




Stop using the pull ups and put him in underwear. If he is having too many accidents then he really isn't ready for potty training. He needs to start telling you when he needs to go, not you telling him to go.


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