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Hollianne - posted on 03/02/2014 ( 4 moms have responded )




i have a very stubborn boy who is going to be 4 in may and im having alot of issues potty training him i have tried cheerios...stickers..bribing u name it ive tried im currently working with him being naked and he peed once the whole week in hs potty its very frustrating i have no idea what else to do :S i want him to go school in september and he wont be able to any tips with a very stubborn boy


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Sarah - posted on 03/02/2014




When are you giving him the reward? Try giving it to him while he is on the toilet, or letting him choose between items while he is on ( eg. Choosing between several car stickers). You could also try him on the toilet rather than the potty.

Andrea - posted on 03/02/2014




Are you using a potty chair?? If so I would stop and let him start standing like a big boy... I know my son would not ever ever use the potty chair he would scream and yell no no no mama no like it... So I started with a small step stool so he could reach, then put dish soap in and told him make bubble.. We also tried everything to start... He was 2.5 when he decided to potty train.. { wasn't till after he had tear duct surgery, he woke up the 2nd day after and told us he wanted his big boy underwear..} that was it...
With our daughter it took forever she was 1 week from her 3rd birthday and we told her that if she started using the potty we would get her a bike for her birthday.. She was potty trained in 24 hours.. They just like to be in control of it..
My 3rd one is just 13 months and we look for him to be a bit more bull headed about it... We have started putting a potty chair in the bathroom just for him to sit on and kind of play with, just to introduce it to him... He is my wild bull head stubborn child...
He will decide when the time is right for him.. I know how frustrating it is when us mom want them to potty train and feel like it is a battle of wills.. I would try just letting him run around in underwear, if he pees them let him sit for a bit and let him see that it feels yucky to have wet pants... Sorry I couldn't be more help...
Best Wishes and Take Care...

Michelle - posted on 03/02/2014




Maybe stop trying to push it and let him do it on his own. The more you push with some children, the longer they take to get it.

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