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My 3 year old son is terrifying about potty training, he screen out loud, hide and the thing that concern me the most is that he prefer to hold it instead of make pipi. I'm running out of ideas. I offered him a lot of things( candy, tv, iPad, toys, gifts) and nothing works. Please I need new ideas.


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Hang in there!
Potty training is tough. I hear that boys take longer to learn. So have patience.
With my daughter, we have her potty right in front of ours, so when I go, she has to sit and read a book with me. I leave her in undies while we are home and am constantly reminding her that she can't go pee in her undies.
It really helps if they see other kids their age using the potty.
A friend was having trouble with her kiddo and she came over, we hung out and she had to be but didn't want to go, so I asked her if she could help me "feed the potty". She was very interested in that, and asked what the potty ate. I said pee and poop. So she went both!
I am of the belief that when they are ready, things will click. Don't make a big deal about it, give him the option (a lot, like all day long, if he says no, that's cool, try again in 20mins), read books on the potty, leave the potty by his toys (not dirty, clean) so he associates it with things he likes, show him how its done, and most importantly, breathe!
I think that learning to use the potty can be scary for them. They are used to having a diaper and then all of a sudden they have to sit over a hole and go!
Again, have patience and keep trying, he will have accidents, those are normal, don't make it a big deal.
Good luck!

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