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Coretta - posted on 04/05/2015 ( 4 moms have responded )




How long does it take for a 2 year old to be fully potties trained?


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Jennie - posted on 04/06/2015




Why don't you try the method talked about on pottytraingboysgirls.org? Works really really good! Got both my girl and boy potty trained within a week!

Chana - posted on 04/06/2015




It all depends on the child. It took my oldest about 4 months before I was comfortable taking her out in panties instead of a Pull-up and I was still a nervous wreck. My youngest it took about 2 weeks and she was good to go. My oldest who is 4 just started not wearing Pull-ups to bed a little over a month ago and the 2 1/2 year old still does so night time is another issue all together. It is not uncommon for children to wet the bed until they are 6 or older. I know this really wasn't a lot of help but there is really not a time frame for potty training. All you can do is be consistent and hope for the best in the shortest amount of time possible which is not the same for any child.

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