Potty Training a 3 year old boy

Heather S - posted on 06/18/2016 ( 1 mom has responded )




I seem to be having a lot of trouble potty training my three year old son. I don't know how to approach it. I put him on the potty every hour to two hours. Sometimes he goes, sometimes he doesn't. He still goes in the pull-up also. Does anyone have any advice for getting him to go on the potty solely. He goes on the adult potty. He won't use his little potty. I am starting to get frustrated and need help. Any advice is welcomed. Thank you in advance.


~♥Little Miss - posted on 06/18/2016




What worked for me was ditching the pull ups. Bring him to the store if you haven't already, and have him pick out big boy undies that he likes. Then, its naked baby time! You can leave him with just his underwear on, or fully naked. The pull ups are very absorbant, and makes them comfortable and maybe not even realize they have peed. The undies, once wet will be very uncomfortable. If he is fully naked, it really helps too. If he likes the big toilet, let him keep using that instead of the potty. I definitely would still use overnights though until he stays dry for a week or so straight, and is using the potty during the day.

Potty training like this took me about 2 solid weeks for both of my kids. But once they learned, that was it. Encourage him. Don't force him to sit on the potty. If he pees or poops on the toilet, you can even reward him.

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