Potty Training a one year old?

Lydia - posted on 03/11/2011 ( 3 moms have responded )




Has anybody potty trained a one year old and how did you go about it?
My daughter hates the diaper recently and changing became a wrestling match. She'll always run away once i removed the diaper and throw a fit when i try to get the new diaper on. I really would like to try to potty train her when it gets a little warmer and she can run around without pants, but if it won't work now it's ok too. I know she is still young. Just looking for suggestions.


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Grandma Fred - posted on 03/12/2011




Could you try the pull-ups they make now. I have no experience with them, but if you tell her you are going shopping for "big girl" panties and take her along to help pick them out, would that help? It may be worth a try.

Catherine - posted on 03/12/2011




I agree with louise. I think a lot of mums make to much fuss about potty training and then get stressed themsleves which then stresses the child. It doesn't matter if you delay it, its no race, every child is an individual and when the time is right you and they will know. My eldest was clean by about 3 and the youngest about the same. Just go with the flow (so to speak) by the time they're 21 it won't matter to anyone how soon they were out of nappies (believe me that time comes around so blooming quickly you'd wish you were still changing nappies and wrestling again !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Louise - posted on 03/12/2011




Most children would prefer not to wear a nappy it is natural this is not a sign that she wants to potty train. I would not recommend that you potty train her for at least another year because it is medically proven that children get the sensation that they want to poop at about 18 months but they do not get the full sensation of wanting to pee until around 2. Look for other signs that she wants to potty train and they are going along period of time without wetting her nappy, not like being in a soiled nappy and taking an interest in the toilet. At 1 I doubt that your daughter will be able to communicate that she wants a wee. Potty training is quite stressful for you and the baby so you need to make sure she has the best chance. I would urge you to wait until at least 20 months to give her a fair try at it. My daughter was 26 months before she was ready and she is one of the earliest ones to toilet train among her friends.

You will know when she is ready in the mean time when the warmer weather comes let her run around naked and see what happends. We all like to feel a bit of breeze! :-0

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