Potty Training... Advice or tricks & tips much appreciated!

Jessica Bennett - - posted on 04/03/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )




So my 13 month old has started potty training! We are taking it slowly bc I don't want to shock him with the change... He goes to the bathroom with us every time we go & I put him in pull ups during the day! I'm gonna start taking him to sit on the potty every 15 minutes this week! I'm interested to see how he does with this lol he enjoys his big boy potty but mainly just plays with his bath toys. I'll update on his progress! If any mommy's want to share their experiences, tips, advice, etc please feel free!


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Deborah - posted on 04/03/2012




it's kind of early by today's standards, but don't let anyone talk you out of it if you think you and your son are ready for it.

I waited until my daughter could communicate with me at an acceptable level to start potty training, simply because I wanted to be sure she understood what I was trying to teach her (she was about 18 mos when we first introduced it)

All I did was show her what it was, take her to the potty with me, showed her how I did it. I think boys should learn to 'sit' before they 'stand and aim" so they get the point that everything coming out has to go in the potty....

once he gets the gist of it though, stick him in regular underwear. Get him to pick his favorite character on it, and use that as a form of 'scolding' when he has an accident "Now don't pee on Diego/Thomas/transformers! that's not nice! they don't like it. you need to pee (We called it 'making yellow') .in the potty like a big boy!"

after my daughter knew what the potty was for and how to use it, I took away her pullups (kept 'em on at night for a while though). FIrst day was a disaster. she never had any success going potty. next day got a little better, and so on and so forth.

within 4-5 days it was a done deal. If she had an accident I'd take her to the bathroom to change and show her the potty. "This is where you make yellow, not in your panties. Big girls don't use their panties to make yellow". She never got in trouble, just a little scolding. WHen she had a success, we'd make a HUGE deal out if it, dance, and tell EVERYONE who was home. SHe also got a treat (we used Mini M&Ms) and she got more for making 'brown'.

My son turned 2 last month and we've started sitting him on the potty. He isn't communicating yet at ALL, (he doesn't even call me Mommy/Mom/Mama, but he's EXTREMELY attached to his dad). He can say a few words but he has no consistency with using the ones we've heard (like thank you, welcome, dog, daddy, sissy...).

SO congrats if your son is showing potty readiness already :D wish mine was...

Brittney - posted on 04/03/2012




I think it is great! I potty trained my daughter by 15 months and it is wonderful not to spend money on diapers. Although I started with her at 4 months, it was a gradual change for her and she accepted it. My advice is to keep with what you are doing, he will have those days where it seems like accidents are all the time and he will have days without accidents. Be sure to keep it consistent, I stopped potty training when mine was 8 months (we took a little break) and it was harder cause she thought it wasn't an everyday thing. She had been going regularly since 6 months then we stopped. I found that if you use cloth training pants instead of a diaper its 1 easier to get off and 2 they know when they are wet. If you used cloth diapers it is easier to train them since they know the difference between wet and dry. To keep him on the potty toys will distract him, books, playing simple games with him (patty cake, itsy bitsy spider), stickers might amuse him. Don't be discouraged, a lot of people will tell you that it is too early, but remember only you know your child. Have a potty easily accessible, 'open door policy' (let him see you go), teach the sign for potty, just watch his cues (that one worked for us), teach him to words pee, poop, or potty (may help later on if you aren't around), ask 'do you have to go potty?' then guide him into the bathroom. Don't punish him for accidents just tell him 'next time well make it in time', if the timer method works for you could try that (put him on the potty at regular intervals like every 30 minutes), give him lots of praise for those times he does go in the potty. Don't give up! It took a total of 10 months to potty train my daughter, some kids get the hang of it faster than others but the more you work with him, the more he will understand. Good luck!!

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At 13 months? The only input I have is don't do it! ;)

Granted, my son did poop in the potty for the first time at 15 months, but I didn't potty train him. I let him do it himself. I only offered encouragement and assistance when needed, but the only 'effort' I put into it was to ask him if he needed/wanted to go whenever I did.

I'm a huge fan of child led potty training since for me it worked a LOT better w/ a LOT more success than when I put effort into it w/ my older two.

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