Potty training boy/girl twins

Nicole - posted on 02/25/2015 ( 1 mom has responded )




I have boy/girl twins who were born at 34 weeks. They have been a little behind on some milestones but nothing major. Speech has been one of the slower developments but we're pretty good now. For almost a year now I have been talking/trying to potty train. We have done the books/videos, showing them ourselves. Pull ups didn't work cause they'd just go and it wouldn't bother them. They didn't understand so I decided to wait. They just turned 3 and decided to push it into high gear. Everything I've read says do 1 at a time so I started with my daughter. After a few days she went and for the rest of the time she just went on her own and has been great. She only wears a diaper at night. I waited a week to try my son and he is so resistant, almost like he has anxiety over it. I've tried talking to him, signing, rubbing his back and he has to go but just holds it. He started going on the floor and I ran and grabbed the potty to put in his "stream" lol and complimented him on it and made it a good happy time. Still wanted nothing to do with it. I'm constantly talking to him about it and he just says no, I wear diapers. People say maybe he's not ready but how long do I wait??


Raye - posted on 02/26/2015




With the boy, have you tried making it a game? Sink the Cheerio's is a classic. Or adding food coloring to water and his pee will make it change color (blue coloring will turn green, red will turn orange). For poops, hang up a sheet and give him gold stars, and at 5 or 10 stars he gets a small toy as a reward. I would also leave him in his wet diaper until he tells you he has to go, and only change the poopy ones.

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