Potty Training Emergency

Patricia - posted on 04/06/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




Hello everyone. I have joined this site because I don't know what to do and maybe other mothers can help me. My son Hunter is 4 1/2 I want him to start pre-k but he is still in diapers. He is speech delayed but very smart. His father and I have not pushed the potty thing because of his speech but now if we don't potty train him soon he can't go to school. I am very upset and stressed. He thinks the big boy pants are just a fancy diaper. He screams for his diaper all the time. I don't know what to do. I need to get him potty trained as soon and correctly as i can.


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Determined - posted on 04/06/2013




My daughter was the same way in her eyes panties were just a different diaper. I let her run around naked. See the timer for every hour and took her to the potty. It was quite messy at first but after a few times she didn't like getting pee all down her legs and started using the toilet. The first time she used the toilet we made a HUGE deal about it! Called the grandparents and aunts so she could tell them she was officially a big girl now, she was so proud of herself. Hope this helps.

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