potty training gone backwards for my 4yr old

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hi my 4 yr old daughter has been potty trained since she was 2 1/2 and started off amazingly, she went about 2 weeks straight before having an accident, she never liked the potty and just went straight on the toilet, then about 1yr ago she went completely down hill and very rarely has a day now where she has dry pants.
she is now 4 and is due to start school in september, we have tried everything from ignoring it to reward charts and then trying to ask her if she understands where she does her wees and poos, she answers on the toilet so she is aware that she need to go to the toilet but she just wont!
we have taken her to see a specialist @ the hospital as we thought it may be something pysilcally wrong but they have just said everything seems fine and to keep trying. this was 10months ago and the problem is getting worse ans it has now turned to her soiling her pants now or even doing it on the floor, she also hides this and if we say have u still got dry pants she will say yes then go upstairs and take her wet/dirty pants off.
we had a new baby in feb 2010 and we thought this may have affected her but thinking back the problem started before we had our new daughter.
please please help as we our so frustrated and dont know what else to try


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My daughter was doing great with the training (just before 3rd bday) and all of a sudden stopped. There are days when she will wear her panties and not have an accident at all - and several days a week she wears her pull ups refusing to use the toilet. Most mornings she wakes up wet, we haven't even started on night training yet!
My sis was this way... until our brother began potty training. Then sis was using toilet all of the time - she was out of diapers in a day!
I believe that my daughter is like my sis - wants to remain the baby. She is the youngest of several children and there is none after her. She is asking me to have a baby in my tummy - and I can't...
I do not know what to suggest. Maybe once in school, seeing other children using the toilet regularly and not pants/pull ups will help. It sure did with one of my boys!

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