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Many people choose different methods. Personally I do bare bottom or undies and a steam cleaner method :)

Basics of it. Toss on some undies. They will not like how it feels when they wet. Explain they pee-peed and it's okay next time let's try to do it on the potty. Every 30 minutes have them sit on the potty for 10-15 minutes if you can. If they do potty make a huge deal out of it, cheer, dance, high 5's and all of that. They need to know you are proud of them and they did it right.

Yes they do have tons of accidents this way. That's why I involve a steam cleaner in this method. It takes no longer than 3 days if you stay consistent with it. Naps and night sleep they can wear diapers or pull-ups still because many of their bodies are not ready to hold it for that long.

After the 3 days force a 45 minutes interval potty breaks. Meaning every 45 minutes they need to sit on the potty and try. If mine doesn't go at the 45 minute mark I put her back on 30 minutes later.

Many children will revert if you allow them to wear diapers during the day sometimes. So try not to do it if you can avoid it. Limit drinks while out, use potty before leaving and when you get to location (such as grocery store or day care)

Remember to be patient.

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