Potty Training in Public locations & Training pants-HELP!

Stephanie - posted on 10/04/2010 ( 4 moms have responded )




Riley is 19 months and potty training at home on the regular potty with a cushion seat just for her. When we go out in public it is hard to keep the consistency because I don't have a travel seat. Until yesterday I didn't even know they existed!!! I have researched a bunch and have no idea what to pick. I keep reading reviews about pinching the child's skin or collapsing. She is 22-23lbs.and I need to purchase a potty. I also want to get waterproof training pants instead of using the pull-ups. The pull-ups cause her diaper rash. Any suggestions on brands and prices for both of these??


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Karen - posted on 08/04/2011




I would just hold my daughter sideways on the potty she is only 20 lbs at 22 months and just buy some of the disinficting wipes or use hand sanatizer with toilet papper to clean the toilet seat first and if worse comes to worse just have them go in a plastic bag and toss it in the trash

Tisha - posted on 10/04/2010




Gerber makes the kind that are just plastic that go over regular underwear. I would also recommend using the really thick cotton training pants that you can get in the infant department rather than regualr panties. They absorb more in the event of an accident. I am totally anti pullups and this is what I used with both of mine.

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Hi! I've potty trained 3 kids successfully at that same age but when I was out and about I just used the disposable "potty toppers" that you buy in the same baby area. They have some that have adhesive strips so they stay put on the toilets and they are wide enough to cover the edges. Those are my favorite but any will do. Personally I didn't want to clean a real travel seat after putting it on a gross public toilet if the situation required using one. I love the use and dispose method. (I'm not sure how "green" they are... I'm not the "greenest" mother but I do try). I don't remember what brand of plastic pants I used - I used several- but I did double up on the training pants for extra absorption when starting out. That saved me several times because the plastic ones are not leak-proof - they just help out.
Maybe that helps, maybe not. I do hope you find one you like! :)

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