Potty training my 22 month old daughter

Alana - posted on 04/16/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




My daughter is 22 months old and we have started potty training her as she has become very irritated with her diaper. If she wets or soils it she immediately starts grabbing at it and eventually takes it right off (she even manages to remove her pants!). The past 4 days I have found her naked and soaking wet every time she is in her bed. I am doubtful that she is actually physically capable of "holding it" but have decided to try anyway.

At first she was very excited about it and peed almost every time we put her on but after about 2 days she has almost completely lost interest. She will sit on the potty with no results then get up and 5 minutes later pee herself! I have her in big girl undies most of the time and she seems perfectly content with wetting herself then yelling "all wet!". I've been good about staying calm and very matter of fact when she has an accident and putting her right on the potty afterwards.

Any other tips?


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Make her clean up the mess after she changes her undies and pants. If it was on the carpet, she will have pat at the spot with an old towel until it is fairly dry, (later you will have spot treat it with carpet cleaner). If the mess is on the tile, hand her the roll of paper towels and trash can and tell her to clean it up, (later you will have run over it with the cleaning agent you use on the tile).

No more diapers except nighttime only. No pull ups at nap time, just undies. Hopefully with her cleaning up her mess, she will understand the concept of using the potty.

Since she is taking the pants and diaper off, she is ready to use the potty on a full time basis.

Another idea would be to start using a timer as an independent reminder. Set it for 15 minutes. She at least tries each time it goes off. After she is successful for at least two days on the 15 minute cycle, move the timer to 20 minutes. Again after she is successful for at least two days, move it to 30 minutes. By using the timer, you are not the "nag", the timer is.

I used this method with my youngest. He would be so busy playing he would ignore the signs and we would have accidents. About the time I was ready to move the timer to 45 minutes, he told me "don't set it again, mommy, I got this." He only had a few more accidents after that. Nighttime was a different story but we finally got that accomplished as well.

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