Potty training my autistic son.

Tracy - posted on 04/29/2015 ( no moms have responded yet )




My son will be 5 in June and will absolutely not potty train. If I put underwear on him he has a complete meltdown and will even take my 1yr Olds diaper of and put it on himself. He panics and if I try to get him to keep the underwear on he will tell me he will not eat or drink cause that will cause his pee to come as he states it. He does have sensory issues and does not realize what some of the feelings he feels on his body for what they are. Say if you tickle him he will laugh and say it hurt or if something itches he will say it hurts. I am at a loss. We live in a rural area and I am having trouble with the school system telling me he has to be potty trained before they allow him to start school and I will have to go with him. I am at a loss and I am thinking of home schooling him until we are able to move somewhere with better services that will help my child grow and not hinder him. He is on the high end of the spectrum.

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