Potty training problems

Leslie - posted on 02/04/2011 ( 1 mom has responded )




My daughter is turning 3 on Feb 8. She will sit on the potty (little potty chair or regular toilet) for as long as we will let her, but she will not go potty! She even says she needs to go potty, and when she is "done" she declares she went potty even though she did not. We have tried a rewards system, but she never gets the reward because she never goes potty for us! She will go potty when there are other kids around, like at church nursery, for the babysitter (when there are other kids with her), and at her Kid's Day Inn program. But never for me or her dad! She will start preschool in Sept and has to be completely potty trained by then. I'm thinking of just putting her in regular panties and letting her pee on herself to see if that turns a light bulb on! She is a very smart girl otherwise, no developmental delays of any kind. The only change in the family is we are expecting a new baby any day, so I have decided to lay off the potty training until the baby comes and my daughter has had some time to adjust. But I need your suggestions for when it's time to start trying again! Help!


Louise - posted on 02/04/2011




My daughter is 2years and 3 months and this week she has started to potty train herself. I don't think she is completly ready yet but she insists on going to the toilet like a big girl. My advice to you is go cold turkey make the decision that you are not using nappies anymore and that is it. Have lots of pants and trousers ready and go for it. At 3 she should pick up the idea really quickly as no child likes to feel uncomfortable. Also place her on the toilet and leave the room keeping an eye on her from afar, some children do not like to pee to an audience. Really potty training at 3 should only take a week tops as she does understand what is required of her. Having a new baby is going to through a spanner in the works so be prepared for set backs but I can only stress again do not put her in nappies once you have decided it is time as this just sends out mixed messages. Good luck with the new baby and stress free potty training.

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