Potty training relapse

Jessica - posted on 08/20/2014 ( no moms have responded yet )




My 3 year old has been potty trained since 2 1/2. I was very pleased with how well she had done with this obstacle and thought I was in the clean and clear from here on out. Well I spoke too soon. For the past 2 weeks my daughter does # 2 in her panties. She will peepee in the potty but # 2 goes in her pants every time. I have tried to talk to her and ask her why she doesn't tell me when she needs to poo? And explain to her that she is ruining her new pretty panties. She seems like she doesn't want to be doing this but she hasn't made any effort to go back to pooing in the potty as she did before. I think she doesn't tell me when she has already done this not because it doesn't bother her but because she is embarrassed. She will even go to the bathroom and attempt to clean herself. I need to know how I can help her get back on track without making a huge deal out of it. I don't want to get upset but I am at a lose with what I can do. She seems confused about this just like me. We are trying but we can use some advice. Thank you all very much.

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