Potty Training Step 2 ????????

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I found the most AMAZING piece of advice here on Circle of Moms. The lady said, give the kid the treat when he uses the potty...but if he makes a MESS...Mama gets the treat.
This little tidbit turned on a lightbulb for my son. I got to eat exactly TWO of his treats before he figured out the whole go to the potty thing. Completely. This took about four days. I haven't cleaned up one single mess in three days.
Now that he 'gets it'....I have a few more questions.
Do I trust him in big boy pants to go out shopping and running errands for a few hours? I thought about going out yesterday to pick up a few things...but watching the naked kid running to the potty really gave me doubts.
If I'm supposed to put him back into a pullup for short trips out...is that going to confuse him? Should I just try to offer him bathroom stops everywhere we go instead of the diaper? Isn't the diaper a step back? How many errands can you run in a day with a constant search for a bathroom at each stop?
Now...what about nighttime? Do I still diaper the kid for bedtime? I have been..for the last few days, but I snatch it RIGHT off the minute his eyes open from naps/bedtime. Am I confusing him?
Another thing I am concerned with....When we started potty training four days ago...I quit worrying so much about clothes. I didn't want him to have to battle pulling down his pants before he could go....I didn't want anything to impede his progress to the potty. I've tried putting little boy briefs on him...but he takes them back off minutes later. I've tried talking to him like a big boy, "mama and daddy wear clothes, and we go to the potty too. You can do it...All you have to do is pull these down." Any suggestions for how to get him interested in clothes again?

I am really sorry there are so many questions here...I was niieve enough to think once he was sitting on the potty being productive that this hurdle would be crossed....and there's way more to it than I expected!


Jenn - posted on 04/06/2011




Well, I kept a portable potty in the back of my SUV. Best thing ever! I have girls and when they had to go, they had to go right then. I put a plastic bag in the potty that I could dispose of, kept toilet paper on hand as well as wipes and hand sanitizer. LIFE SAVER. We took it when we went to the park (no more hiding behind trees!), on trips, I could run errands, etc. If nothing else, you will simply have to locate bathrooms upon entering stores, ask your son right then if he needs to go and just prepare to visit pretty much every bathroom in ever store you enter (yes, it becomes a bit of a game but doesn't last forever). Love your idea for potty training!

And yes, diaper at night. It is the final step in potty training and could take well into his 3rd year. No drinks before bedtime, stop at least an hour before. Potty right before bed. Put a leakproof mat under his sheet, they are awesome! Underwear that is thicker might be more comfortable for him right now, then introduce fun superhero ones!

Theresa - posted on 04/06/2011




Go ahead and go shopping. Just be sure you have him go potty right before you leave the house. Ask him often when shopping if he has to go potty. Make it a point to go and try every 1/2 hour to hour of shopping. My daughter actually did better when out shopping than she did at home first. Bring extra clothes just in case. And if you're still doing to treat for when he goes potty make sure you have some along. I did M&Ms with my daughter, so I brought a little container in the diaper bag too. We finished all our diapers, so I've moved to Pull Ups for nighttime. She only naps ocaasionally, so sometimes she's in panties, and somtimes a pull up. She usually wakes up dry from a nap, so I don't worry so much then. For nightime she sometimes wakes in the night to go potty, so pull ups are easier. When she pretty regularly wakes up in the morning dry then we'll try underwear to bed. She knows that a pull up doesn't mean she cvan just go in her pants. Even when wearing one all day she'll goes to the potty, not in her pants. (She recently was sick and had diarreah, that's why she was in a pull up all day.) Hope that answered some questions.

Louise - posted on 04/06/2011




I am afraid you ar going to have to find all the toilets to go shopping. I am two months down the line with my daughter and I have to go shopping with a toilet seat and spare clothes for her just incase she can't wait.

You really do need to get him into pants and trousers because the sensation on his willy is very stange and tickles so he has to learn the urge to pee again.

I also use a night time nappy for my daughter she is not 2.5 yet so I think until she is 3 I will use pull ups at night. She does not wear a nappy at all for day time naps as like you I take her straight to the loo.


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