Potty-training the very small child

Karina - posted on 08/05/2010 ( 10 moms have responded )




My 20 month old daughter is showing me all the signs that she is ready to start potty training. The problem that I am having is finding training pants or even regular "panties" for her to wear. She only weighs about 21 lbs. and wears 12 month bottoms really well (the pants don't fall down or off her little rump but are still a little big). Does anyone have any suggestions on where I can find appropriate underpants or any suggestions on altering the training pants that i can find - smallest size is 2t/3t?


Divina - posted on 07/04/2011




FYI the smallest disposable pull up is a generic/store brand from dollar general or kmart....they are much smaller in the waist. They are made like the white cloud ones used to be.

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i find that the pampers easy ups run smaller than the huggies pull ups. my youngest is 2, and hardly 20lbs.... they are a little big on her, but they do the job.

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Janeta - posted on 07/04/2011




I would look for some pull ups that would fit her and if you cannot find any then I would start potty training her while she was still wearing a diaper, I worked at a daycare and I potty trained several children while they still wore a diaper every day I would just take them to the potty every hour or so and tell them we go to the big boy/big girl potty not in our diaper, if she is showing signs that she is ready take advantage of it! (:

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you can try cloth diapers, my son was and still is small, we started with cloth diapers so he could feel when he was wet. But I also used the smallest training pants I could find and they stayed up alright if paired with the right fitting pants or shorts. Good luck!

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You can just use diapers. I have potty trained well over 40 kids and have worked in many daycares. The majority of kids just use diapers in the beginning stages, because they still need your help in the restroom and diapers are easier to change than pullups. In the latter stages of training, just wearing panties is fine in which case they make some small 2T panties--or you make your own easily. Good luck.

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My 17 month old is only about 20 lbs and I recently put him in the 2T/3T Walmart brand training pants. They are a little big but don't fall down unless they get REALLY full! We have also had a few leaks with runny poop, but that happened with diapers as well sometimes. I say try a brand and see.

Rosie - posted on 08/05/2010




all of my boys are little bitty, and all of them fit in the 2/3. my 3 year old is 23 lbs right now, and he got potty trained just about 4 months ago, probably the same size as your daughter. same with my other boys. they fit, they just are really saggy. you'll find that some brands like fruit of the loom run big though, stay away from those.

April - posted on 08/05/2010




this was a pretty good question...i didn't even think about that. my son is almost 20 months old and he is only 23 pounds. he wouldn't fit in 2t/3t either! thank you for bringing this issue to my attention!!

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