Potty training tips...PLZ!

Nicole - posted on 01/28/2010 ( 10 moms have responded )




I have started potty training my 27 month old. Tips please! So far I have just been setting him on this potty chair. He knows what he is supposed to do and he will tell me that its for pee pee and poo, but he just doesnt go. He will sit on there for 30 minutes at times, but nothing.


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Dottie - posted on 01/28/2010




Remember he'll get it one of theese days they have to be ready to potty train or it just won't happen my sister told me you don't see teenagers walking around in diapers it will happen one of theese days and it did!

Maggie - posted on 01/28/2010




keep doing what you're doing. when he goes then give him a reward like a sticker or a super big hug. do the potty dance and get super excited!

tell him he did a good job sitting even if he doesn't go so he doesn't get discouraged.

Amy - posted on 01/28/2010




I am potty training my son right now. At first when I put his underwear on I would take him every 10 minutes he wouldn't do anything until I put his underwear back on. Than I made him feel that it was wet, put him back on the potty and changed him. Right now we only have 3 underwears (waitting on pay day!) So once all three were wet he had to go back in to diapers. He didn't like that and soon cut it out. Now (about 2 weeks from the start) he goes every 30 to 45 minutes. He can't talk so I just put him on the seat. I also have the potty seat in our living/dining room. I have heard that girls are easier than boys to potty train. Don't worry he will get it soon.

Dottie - posted on 01/28/2010




I just recently potty trained my son! I never thought it was going to happen he's 3 going to be 4 in June & in Preschool They accept the untrained here and he had been wearing pull ups well he never had to be changed except once and they must have said something to him when they did so I did too I got on his level made eye contact when he got home and it just so happened we had a 3 day weekendand with eye contact I told him he was old enough he needed to be wearing big boy underwear and going to to toliet like everyone in his class did and he had a few accidents and did the rest himself he's broke now poops and pees in the potty We used random stickers and fake tattos for a couple weeks he got to pick the sticker or tattoo hey whatever works! But now it's just Great Job remember to reward them with your enthusiasm!

Kim - posted on 01/28/2010




My little boy would watch his dad and picked it up right away couse he wanted to be just like him! My nephew would play "Shoot the Cheerios", u would put some Cheerios in the tiolet and let him shoot them with pee. He loved making a game of it.

Stephanie - posted on 01/28/2010




Pick a day to be REALLY serious and plan to have the house clear of any other people or distractions. Give him tons to drink even if it bad like soda and whatever he likes, he has gotta wear underwear that he likes(Spongebob, Nemo, Mickey). We put the potty in the kitchen for a little while so she had to see it. Then stay close to it and do fun things like painting, coloring, puzzles...whatever can keep you in the kitchen. Take him to the potty every ten minutes...I know it sounds bad but it works. Watch for when he actually starts peeing and start celebrating immediately. Rub his back and arms while he is sitting there and reward only for actually going potty with candy or stickers, only reward with hugs and kisses for trying. If he gets it that day you can have a little more normal day the next day and you only have to take him every thirty minutes or so til you figure him out. He has to wear underwear tho! Pullups are a waste of money!!!! We got my daughter potty trained in a week at 18 months! Good luck! It is very frustrating but the results are so rewarding! I yelled a lot that week haha so maybe try to avoid that : )

P.S. Tell him to go don't ask and remind him A LOT that its yucky to pee on his cool underwear and that big boys go in the potty. Have him show you where the potty is and ask if he pees in his underwear...then ask so where do we potty? He should point at the potty. Teach him to feel his underwear when they are wet and dry so you can ask him if he is dry. They dont like feeling the wet ones with their hands so they try to avoid that!

Melissa - posted on 01/28/2010




I always go straight to underwear. Don't use pullups They only make the process longer. Since your little guy is olld enough to talk to you, try to figure out how often he goes. My boy was a lot different then my girls. The girls would go on command but my boy did the same thing and just sit there. Once I figured out that he went about every 2 hours, I made sure I took him after about 1 hour and 45 min. Once he had a few success under his belt he understood and didn't mind sitting on the toilet. In my opinion stickers are ok but for me giving a reward after each success such as an M&M or something small. I also give something bigger for going poo. It is all about the instant gratification. Good Luck

Angella - posted on 01/28/2010




Try rewards for good potty going... My kid liked M&M's. Also, don't do pull up during the day. They pull the wetness away from the child and they need to be able to feel discomfort to want to go to the potty. Remember, to put a lot of positive attention when he goes to the potty and don't reprimand when he dose not. This could make things go in a bad direction fast. I potty trained my daughter in 2 weeks from diapers to regular underwear when she was 24 months. Most of all have patients. Good luck!

Brooke - posted on 01/28/2010




That is how they start. Do you have books or anything about characters that he likes going potty? I know they have an Elmo one my son loved when I trained him this past year. It has sound effects and everything...

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Make a chart that you can put up on the wall by the potty. For every success, he gets a sticker or gold star. Make a new chart every week with a picture of his choice on the top. Worked wonders with mine.

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