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My daughter is 2 and we are potty training. She will not do #2 in the pot and sometimes she will not tell me when she has to do #1. I need Help and tips on potty training her quickly because I am tired of buying pull ups.


Karen - posted on 10/16/2009




I have 3 kids... 1 is a girl. but, I taught a 2 year old class for 5 years, where I had 15 kids that I was responsible to potty train each year... many times more because we also had part timers. Anyway... I did learn a lot about potty training. Then, I had my own in home daycare, where I also potty trained. So... here is my input.

First... no more pullups... unless you are going on a long car ride or while sleeping. I NEVER successfully trained any child until the pullups/diapers were gone. Get her easy to pull up/down clothes and training pants. They have ones with plastic covering to help minimize the mess. If it is warm enough... and you are just around the house... let her run naked for a few days... it really helps in the beginning.

Second, don't trust her to tell you at this age... she usually won't for quite some time. Just take her regularly... I usually started every 30 minutes or so. Reward her when she goes. As you go along, you can extend the time...

Third, if she has an accident... explain that she has to help clean herself. Kids hate this! and, it will get messy, but be prepared for that. Make her do it. If she realizes that she is not going to have mommy wiper her behind for her and make her clean, then she will be less likely to have a preventable accident. It helps her to "get it." But don't get mad or punish.. just make it matter-of-fact.

Fourth... be consistent...... it is very important. give it at least two weeks of consistency. If she still doesn't have much success, then she probably isn't ready. But, remember that accidents will still happen some. And, prepare for a relapse. Most kids do after some weeks of success... the excitement and reward wears off, and they usually get a little lazy about it... just persevere, and she'll be back on track!

Hope this helps.


PS There is a fun potty video that has wonderful potty songs that every kid I know has loved and used as motivation... It is called "Potty Time." If you can find it, it is wonderful... and hysterical for us adults. Imagine a song like "Super Dooper Pooper!" My kids tried to poop just so that I would sing them the song!

Gloria - posted on 10/16/2009




i have 3 girls.first of all dont buy any more pull ups its a dippar.let her go pick out her pretty big girl pannys.buy a potty book.and a babydoll that pees too.let her feed her baby and have her baby go potty.use a timer for your girl.take her every 15 min at first.read her the potty book.when she does go make a huge deal about it.:) my oldest loved red lip stick.so when she went potty she got to put on red lip stick.once you do every 15min then do every 30 min.but use that timer.it should only take you a day or 2 and she'll be potty trained.just dont get mad at her or yell.she'll get it.:)


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