Power lines and autistic/asberger related children

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I am starting to question the effects of living within 100 feet of power lines and children. I live on a small culled sac in my neighbourhood and at least 5 children within 15 house radius suffer from autism. I just read an article on power lines and neurological effects on children. I just read an article on asbergers syndrome and my child exhibits some of the same behaviours. I work for his PediatricIan's offIce and I am thinking about to his doctor. Also is there and testing beside psychological tests that can be done?


Medic - posted on 11/06/2011




All of the testing is psychological in nature. What do you want there to be a definite blood test? Autism has a ridiculously wide spectrum and no one knows the definite causes. I do think there is a quick leap for a "cause" or something to blame. power lines are everywhere, if you have power in your house the obviously there are power lines, some are above ground some are below ground. It is impossible to be more than 100 feet from power lines unless you have NO electricity. But hey if we want to jump on the scare tactic did you know that coffee has more than 1000 chemical compounds and only 22 have been tested on animals....just food for thought.

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