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We are a pre adoptive family of two girls only one is with us since few months, the little sister is always on reunification plan,she live since she was born in a foster family. . I wanted sibbling. So i have few questions. My little girl is very happy now but i m afraid now could they take back my little girl ? Because when they propose us to become a pre adoptive family, the birth mom didn t make the weekly visit and now that she knows for the preadoption she comes every week. My feeling is weird, i want that she fells better in the same time, what could happen, i know it was with a risk... My social worker is not afraid. ... Could you tell me how long we could stay as a pre adoptive family ? Icould it be for few years ? And could they take back our precious little girl ? Thank you for yours answers


Sarah - posted on 11/24/2015




This is a heart to heart for your social worker, just like Sarah H says. I work as a school nurse with many foster, pre-adoptive and adopted kids. In my experience, they will look to reunite with the parents if possible, but what I see more than that is keeping siblings together. This may drag on for years, and your heart may be broken, they could place the younger child back with the parent. Just keep doing what you are doing and love on that child! That is what she needs so much right now; love, consistency and more love. Mom, if not fit, will show her true colors and stop showing for visits etc. If she was already stripped of her rights to the elder daughter, she likely will lose this one too. These are bio siblings? Right? At least half siblings?

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Sarah - posted on 11/24/2015




This is a question for you social worker as each situation is different.

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