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My son is turning three on June 20th. SO that means that he should be starting Pre-K. I am nervous about this for multiple reasons.. What if he is not prepared? What if he doesn't met the requirements? He is what I call a walking a case of ADD. He has a difficult time sitting anywhere. There is soo many reasons I am stressed about this! Please someone tell me I am not alone in this!


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My daughter is special needs and started school when she turned 3. It was very hard for about 2 weeks til she got into a routine but now she loves it. The teachers are prepared for anything and if they think your child isn't ready they will let you know.

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Relax...its not like he's going to college. First off, he's a boy and he is turning 3. That combination together gives you a wild monkey. Send him to school, let him meet new friends and run around the yard like a crazy man and if the teachers think there is something seriously wrong they will let you know.

Their attention span at that age is slim to none. My son is 3 1/2 years old and goes to preschool full time during the week. I can tell you he loves to read and be read to and to sit in circle time and learn. However, there are plenty of other kids who after 2-3 minutes can't sit still. Try and not label him at this point in his life...enjoy him and don't be stressed. Good luck!

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I thought I was the only one to go thru this, my little one starting pre-K. yeah she's in needs with a few little things. But i see that is good that kids that are 3 to go to pre-school for them to know more about themselfs, and school stuffs for the future and mostly the get to know kids of there age.

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Give it a try, if he's ready he'll be fine! If not, try again the next year. Pre-K really has nothing to do with if he's prepared or meeting requirements. Pre-K is for socializing your child so that they are prepared with how to be around other children in a learning environment for Kindergarten. He'll be fine.

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Very few children have a good attention span! Don't be too concerned. Our youngest son's attention span is LITERALLY 3 seconds. His developmental age for attention has gone from 6 months (one year ago, at 2 years old, with

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Christina, don't stress, it will be fine. What I would do is check around and see the different pre-k schools. Is it a daycare or school? I am a paraprofessional at an elementary school in the pre-k class. The pre-k class is for at-risk children and children with special needs. We also have children who are peer models. Every child is screened and if they need assisted with going to the restroom, we help, we help them with all of the activities. We have children who start pre-k at 3, 4 and 5. There are still children who do not attend a preschool and go into kindergarten. You need to do what you feel is best for you and your child. But honestly ask the teachers what the requirements are to give you an idea. Every thing will work out and hopefully you get a teacher that will work with you :) I am actually furthering my education to be a pre-k, kindergarten teacher. Good luck!

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Most 3 year olds in our district are put into PreK as role models for the children with disabilities unless it is deemed necessary for them to be an actual student. In my daughter's case it is deemed that the day she turns three she is to be placed in a speech development focused PreK class. Now my nephew, who is already 3, goes to a nursery school because in his school district only 4+ may be enrolled in PreK unless deemed necessary by school district evaluations.

I wouldn't worry to much about it......he will learn in time the routine and procedures of the class.

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You're not alone. Our son will be 3 Aug 7th (which is worse since he's younger). It's something I've gone back and forth on quite a bit.

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alot of kids dont start pre-k till there 4..thats when mine if you feel he's not ready yet wait a big deal...

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