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My 15 year old has experimented. This is disappointing to me because I always imagined her married before. I know that today's society throws sex around as if it means nothing. However, to me and my ways, it matters. If there's another mom or moms out there that feel the way that I feel and have gone through what I'm about to experience, please, let me know how you handled it. Any advice will help. Thank you!


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Being a teenager is difficult these days. Many parents feel awkward about having the sex talk with their kids. However you found out that your daughter has experimented, maybe you can have a heart to heart with her. Try not to make her feel terrible about what she's already done or tell her that you're disappointed she didn't wait until she got married. Sex comes with emotions that a 15 year old just isn't ready for. Maybe she's dealing with that now and doesn't think she can talk to her dad about it. Just let her know that it doesn't change the way you feel about her. And it's worth a shot asking her if she can wait until she's married! :o)
If she's still keen on having from this moment on, stress to her the importance of protection. Maybe get her on the pill or buy her condoms. And stress to her that if the guy doesn't want to wear a condom, then don't have sex!! Ask her questions about the consequences of having sex. As her if she knows any. And if she were to get an STD or STI, what she would do? Not just something that she can get over the counter medicine for, but a lifelong disease like AIDS or herpes. If she found out she was pregnant, what would she do? Would she be prepared to abort the baby? Or if she was to raise it, is she prepared to give up the rest of her life? Any job she gets, the money goes to the baby and taking care of him/her. Tell her just what is takes to be a parent. Babies are selfish, and it's all about them for a long time. She's no longer looking for herself, but another human.
She may roll her eyes or say that it's not going to ever ever happen to her. But she's your little girl and now is the time to strengthen your bond with her. I wish you all the best with your daughter. :o) Hang in there.

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