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my 9 year old is starting to lose his temper alot lately, and when we try to impose a time out or other punishment he starts picking things up and throwing them at me and hitting me and stuff, i am at a loss as what to do with him. we have tried sitting down and telling him why this is inaproriate and what the consiquences are out in the world if he was to do it to another person, but none of this makes a difference. he has become very unruley both around the house and at school, and if he keeps going this way i think that he is going to end up getting himself into huge trouble when he gets a little older. does anybody have any advice on how i can work with him and around this issue??


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To teach him that actions have consequences remove his stuff peice by peice. Sit him down and tell him that you are unhappy with the way he is dealing with his anger and that from now on when he lashes out like this he will loose his belongings for 1 week. Tell him that first to go will be his tv from his room. Second will be his lap top, then his phone. You must stick to it though what ever gets removed he must not have back for the full week.

This is the only way to get through to a child that an action from him leads to a reaction from you. Then try and get him to talk to a councillor about ways to control his temper and vent in a way that is not going to hurt anybody. It needs to be nipped in the bud now as you are right he is going to get into trouble later.

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