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Amanda - posted on 02/01/2016 ( 4 moms have responded )




Hi Guys!! Need some help, my 10 year old daughter and mornings are getting out of control. That being said it is not only mornings....if she not being entertained or doesn't get exactly as she wishes with me (mom) she catches instant attitude.

Example: she didn't get the bowl she wanted at breakfast.....instant silence and ugly face, snapping at or ignoring anyone who tried to talk to her. she is very "poor me" all the time.
Now we are not well off, but she has what she needs and enough toys and electronics for 10 kids. ugly mug and silence (even ignoring me when I speak) is making me irate and yell.



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Raye - posted on 02/01/2016




My 11 year old step-daughter is like this quite a bit... if it doesn't benefit her, it's NOT FAIR! It's pretty normal for the age, but it should be dealt with and stopped. My husband is not very consistent, which doesn't help matters. I try to be more consistent when I can get involved, and tell her it is not a negotiation... decision made... go pout in your room. Which is usually met by stomping, door slamming, etc. I just ignore that.

Amanda - posted on 02/01/2016




Well, this morning, I lost it and told her that I was over it all and when she got home from school ( I am not home yet) she is too take her 10 American Girls and their accessories, her phone and her silicone dolls down to the basement (they all have totes) and she can earn them back.

This is very close to being EVERY MORNING, she is not physical or verbally abusive to me, she is to her 3 year old sister and to me and her older siblings she does the ignore and stare down with face all balled up.

Dove - posted on 02/01/2016




She's 10. 10 is a wicked time for girls. if this is a new behavior it is likely that her emotions are just getting the better of her. Not an excuse for poor attitude, but if you understand more where it could be coming from it could help you to not get so angry about it... because that just makes the situation worse.

If it's just a look... ignore her. if she is snapping at people or ignoring them ask her if she needs to time alone in her room to chill out (listen to music, read, whatever activity calms her) until she can be respectful. If the attitude increases and she doesn't take the offer to chill out... start removing some of those toys and electronics and tell her she can earn them back w/ a better attitude.

Ev - posted on 02/01/2016




What sorts of consequences does she get for this? She is more than old enough to understand that she can not get her own way all the time especially getting up in the mornings. Is this an everyday thing even on school days? She does not need entertaining on school days. She needs a direct routine for those mornings to get up, dress, do hygiene, eat, and get her things to go to school with. She needs to learn she does not have to have a special bowl to eat her breakfast from. She needs to learn that her ".her ugly mug and silence, snapping at or ignoring anyone who tried to talk to her. she is very "poor me" all the time" is not going to be tolerated. If you have to send her to her room until she can come back and show a more respectful way towards others or ignore it altogether. Once she learns she is not going to get away with her treatment of others because she can not have her special bowl of a morning or what she wants, she should start to be better. It won't happen overnight either. Yelling does nothing but push her to continue. I do not know if you had any consequences from before but you should have had it from the start and been consistent in that.

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