Preclampsia in the third trimester


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Ev - posted on 06/06/2015




Yours is a story that has a good ending to it now that your child is grown and you did get an education despite health issues from something dealing with being an expectant mother.

I wish someone would tell my niece what she needs to do because she suffered the preclampsia along with gestational diabetes and not being healthy in her diet and exercise. She did not stop and listen to the doctor when we found out she had the preclampsia. She just thought about bouncing around doing what she wanted to do be it go to the movies, eating what she wanted, and anything else that came to mind. She has no mental delays or anything its just that she is so immature for her age even now that she thinks only about social things. So when she got to stay in the hospital at first she thought it would be for a short time and it ended up five weeks plus before the birth of her child. Her mother, my sis, plainly told the doctor what would happen if she was released to go home in her diet, activities, and so on. That she would not take care of herself. Here it is year and some months later and she still does not take care of herself like she should and she barely can take care of her own child. The father does not do a thing to help...not even change a diaper. She is not working and is living off his family as he does. She is all about the social things. She still is supposed to be watching her sugar levels and now has thyroid issues. I just wish someone would tell her about it.

Linda C - posted on 06/06/2015




I had Preclampsia in the third trimester of my Pregnancy. I was never sick until I was 6 months pregnant with my son. I have been sick ever since that time. I suffered with Seizures and High Blood Pressure. I had Asthma before I conceived and I thought pregnancy would be a breeze for me. I was wrong because once I got to the third trimester I began to stay hot all of the time, excessively tired and eventually I had seizures. My child is an adult now. It has been a blessing we are both alive from what I am hearing. I am still dealing with the bloating, Seizures and High Blood Pressure. I went back to school once my son was born and earned 3 Degrees in spite of the seriousness of my condition. Children are a blessing. It is great to know there are so many Mom's who have been down the same avenue as myself.

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