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I am 65 and my only child is 46. She was my first pregnancy and I was 19 when she was born. I wanted to encourage all of you that having what we called toxemia in the dark ages doesn't always end in tragedy. Yes, I have been taking blood pressure meds since the age of 19, but to PREVENT problems. I monitor it closely. My heart has looked just like a healthy heart, no strokes, thickening of the heart muscle and no kidney or liver damage. I am a licensed therapist, so I suspect the lack of memory is more related to the depression around the pregnancy or loss. Back then, I heard the dr. tell my husband either or both mo and child could die, and he couldn't make up his mind who to save. The dr. helped by saying we usually try to save the mo! Anyway, I think I'm the oldest mother on this site. I have migraine headaches, depression and severe blood pressure spikes. But I'm still here....You will get through it and live many yrs to enjoy your grandchildren..


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Uh, honey, no, "toxemia" does not always end in tragedy, BUT it is of huge concern and should be treated with concern. If you have had to continue taking blood pressure tablets ever since, then you had health issues to begin with. My mother is older than you and I am her oldest child. She had this problem when she had me and she never had to continue taking any blood pressure tablets afterwards, never had an issue with any of her other 4 children and has never had blood pressure problems since. You shouldn't be trying to tell people it isn't a problem. It is. I am glad you haven't had any health issues since, but not everyone is so lucky. So yes, you CAN live a good life, but everyone is different, so you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle always.

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