preemies with NEC???

Deanna - posted on 08/19/2012 ( no moms have responded yet )




Hi Ladies, I need some advice on NEC..... My first and only child (a little girl) was born last month on the 3rd of July, 2012. She was born at 25 weeks and 5 days gestation and we have of corse been in the NICU since her arrival. She has been doing fairly well but has gotten pretty sick (this makes the 3rd time) since her birth. Now, she is on the c-pap and for about the past week and a half My husband and I have been trying to tell the Doctors, nurses, etc that her belly looks way too big. Her tummy has been distended pretty much the whole time that shes been on C-pap but never like this. Since we are first time parents and at a young age (im 18, my husbands 21) they seem to think that we're just paranoid idiots and never listened to us. The last two times she was sick (first time with a lung infection, second time needing a blood transfusion) they didnt listen to us until things started to get REALLY BAD! we nearly lost our princess both times. This time, as I said They havent been hearing us out and she has had one risidual with blood in it a few days ago but none after that, her belly is HUGE and now as of today her bowels have slowed down alot and she isnt stooling even after being given a glyserin, she has visible loops on her tummy, her temp has been either really high or really low each time we check it, and even though she is usually a very tolerant little one and doesnt cry much at all even when being changed, getting her temp taken, adjusting her cpap, etc... she has been SCREAMING non stop for the past 2 days. I know she has to be so uncomfortable and its breaking my heart to watch her go through this. Tonight, the doctor and her nurse said that they are going to test for NEC but they are waiting until in the morning to test her for it??? I know what that is so im not asking what NEC is. My concern is... first, have they caught it in time? They have done xrays and nothing is ruptured or infectious looking. But there is ALOT of air in her belly and intestines and she cant stool or pass the air and in the xray it showed that her intestines are so full that they are pushing up into her chest wall around the lower part of her ribs and its making it real hard for her to breath. And secondly... Should I have her transfered to a better hospital? Im thinking that we should but Im scared that if we do, that hospital may not be any better or it could be worse but these people arent listening to my concerns (or my husbands for that matter) because we're "young and inexperienced" if I decide to transfer... I know this is a website and there are people from all over the world but if anyone is from the Va or Nc area... what hospitals are best that have a NICU? I will admit, Im a young mother and this is our first baby so we arent "experienced" and Im not really sure how to go about this but if there is one thing that Im certain of its that these people arent doing their job correctly and Im still a good mom and I love my baby girl more than anything and i most definately want the best for her so ANY advice on this will be much appriciated!!!! Thank you all in advance.

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