Prefold diaper questions. Please help!

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Hey mamas. My son is 18 months and I'm just starting out with cloth diapering. I was able to get a fabulous deal on prefolds, so that is what I am using. I have a few questions, so I'm going to try to post them by types of questions so it doesn't get too confusing.

Washing: How do you wash prefolds, liners and covers? I've seen a bunch of info about it, but I wasn't sure if that was only for new diapers to break them in.

Prefolds: Just wondering if anybody can post a link or explain how exactly to fold it. :) Also, is it better to use safety pins or snappis? The lady I bought from said that with cloth, you had to change the diaper every one to two hours? Is that correct, or can he wear it for the normal length of time that he wore his disposables for?

Covers: Do you have to change the cover with each change? I'm hoping not! We are just trying them out today because I am excited to try, but I only have two liners so far. And when I changed his diaper after about 4 hours, he was soaked, the cover wasn't, but it smelled like pee. I just replaced the liner and the prefold, but kept the cover. Was that wrong?

Supplies: Right now, I have 24 prefolds, 2 liners (with 5 more on the way), 6 covers and 2 AIO. Starting the middle of June he will be going to daycare 2 days a week and he will be home with my husband while I work the weekend. I will just have him in disposables during daycare and while my husband watches him. So I figure I'll need enough supplies for 3.5 days of cloth diapering. I know I'll need to order at least another 5 pack of liners, but otherwise am I set? Should I buy 2 more packs of liners? Is it worth is to get disposable liners? And will I need more covers and where can I get the cheapest (and I do mean the cheapest) covers?

That is all for now, I think.

Thanks in advance for all your help!


Mercy - posted on 05/12/2011




With cloth diapers you have to change them as soon as they are soiled or else you run the risk of diaper rash. I use cloth diapers in the day but disposables at night so that the baby doesn't have to spend so many hours wet. (There is no way I'm gonna change diapers in the night.)
The kind I use are just regular square cloth, that I fold into a long rectangle, and then place inside a cover that is plastic lined with cloth, and closes with velcro. When the velcro gets worn and won't stick any more, I keep it closed with safety pins.

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