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OK I'm not a mum but please don't hate me or anything
I'm 14 and I just found out that my best friend is with child, she's a week or two in and just got it confirmed. SHE IS A 13 YEAR OLD 7TH GRADER. The father is a 15 year old freshmen. I love her to death I do and I'm happy because we were both raised against abortion but she actually wants to keep it. I love her but she cant handle a child, she will still be with child by 8th grade and its terrifying because I am great friends with the fathers younger brother who happens to be in 7th grade too. But I'm scared because she is really irresponsible: she drink, does weed, and has done worse. She said that she will change for her baby but she hasn't even told the father yet, and I'm terrified that her family will kick her out. I am scared and alone and I feel trapped because she always comes to me for help, I AM ONLY 14.
I feel already she's not taking this seriously. She told me and started jumping for joy. I asked why and she said because she finally got her baby.
I have bought test for her in the past and now its true.
I hate to sound so mean because I love this girl like she's my sister but I feel like even though she's the one with the baby I'm the one who will have to step up and be the parent.


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You need to encourage your friend to talk to an adult she trusts - maybe her parents, a family member, a teacher, a school counsellor. At this point, you can't be the one she is relying on to help her, she needs to talk to an adult. If she refuses, then maybe you can talk to the school nurse or counsellor about the situation.


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yes Talk to a adult you also can trust........maybe your friend will be more willing to talk to your trusted adult.....older adult sister, teacher, another mom.......she needs to talk to somebody.......I feel for you and your friend....this is a problem way to big for ether of you to handle on your own.............whatever she decides to do in the end is her choice, but she needs to face this with all options available to her.............

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