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I have found conflicting information of the web and even with two OB doctors I have seen. Looking for peoples experience with time to wait having another pregnancy after a c section.

I got married late (37) to my husband and we wanted a family but I feel pinched for time due to my age now (40). We had a baby in 2011, 2013 and a few months ago. All sweet little boys. I am healthy, no health problems. However, I had to have c section with last two as both stinkers decided to turn breech while I was in labor! I was SHOCKED hospital I delievered at would not deliver breech. My sister had two vaginal breech delievers with no problems......... But that is a whole different conversation!

So, to the point, I had 2 c sections roughly 18 months apart with no problems outside fact babies were breech. We would like to have one more. Would really like to have little girl. Might end up having house full of boys though! That's in God's hands. I am concerned with getting older and risks associated with that. I will be 41 in few months. One OB (the one who I saw for last baby) told me I would "likely" have no complications if I tried at 6 months post partum. The other OB I asked (the one who actually delivered last baby) told me she recommends waiting one year to try for another pregnancy.

Looking on the internet, I have seen all kinds of recommendations. I was wondering what women's personal expereince has been.....particually if anyone had problems if they choose to begin a pregnancy months after a c section? I realize each person is different, but still intested in stories of others.

Thank you in advance.

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