pregnancy after having tubes tiied

APRIL - posted on 10/28/2009 ( 10 moms have responded )




i had my tubes tied about 6 yrs ago im not pregnant but i was wondering if anyone out there has ever gotten pregnant after having this operation


Diana - posted on 10/29/2009




A friend of mine had her tubes tied and 12 years later she became pregnant with her fourth child...she had a healthy baby girl.

Connie - posted on 11/02/2009




if you read your paper work about the tubal it is only what they call guaranteed for 5 years that is the fine print...after :)

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Lori - posted on 06/21/2012




I am 46 years old, I'm pretty sure I've been in the early stages of menopause for a yr or more. I had my tubes cut, tied, and burnt.... So I was told, 19 years ago after the birth of my 3rd child. She was my only C-section.
I have had multiple periods in a month, during the last year, but have never completely missed a period. Even when I was having my 3 children, i had spotty bleading for 4-6 months while pregnant.
I am a full week late for my period. I don't even feel like I'm going to get it. I normally get a 3 day long headache right before I start, cramps, grouchy moods, sore breasts... I haven't had any of the normal signs. I've been checking different medical sites online, and most say, although rare, you can become pregnant, and the more years since the tubal ligation, the greater the risk of becoming pregnant.
I'm not gonna lie, if I were to be pregnant, I would be thrilled! My oldest two children moved out a year ago, one 1200 miles away, and the other to Germany, about 3500 miles away. My 19 year old is still with me, but "empty nest" is slamming my emotions into overdrive.
If I don't start in another day or so, I'll get an in home test and see what it says. It could be the first of many missed periods due to my age/menopause, but hey... I can dream..... Right?
Would love to hear your thoughts and opinions on this, anyone out there in my situation end up pregnant? I'm pretty curious at this point.
Thanks =)

Beverley - posted on 11/09/2009




I had my tubes tied after my first son and got pregnant again shortly after. I've now had my tubes tied and cut!

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Yep! Happened to me. Just 35 days after the surgery. Jodi is right about the odds of it happening. Unfortunately, when it happens to you its 100%.

Holly - posted on 11/01/2009




Oh yes. I have a couple friends who have "post tubal" babies. The doctor told my best friend that the "eggs can jump". I think it probably depends on which method was used.

Savanna - posted on 11/01/2009




I know 2 instances. My parents family friends had this happen. Then my aunt who has a daughter who is 18 just had a son. She had her tubes tied I believe 2 years ago. Then here comes baby!

Myisha - posted on 11/01/2009




Surprise your preggers after your tubal!!!! Yes this can happen and my cousin's wife just went through it and we actually used the same OB/GYN. After this experience I changed to a new OB/GYN

Jodi - posted on 10/29/2009




Yes, people do. There is a 1 in 200 or 300 chance of it happening, and it is more likely to be an ectopic pregnancy too.

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