Pregnancy after taking birth control?

Rebecca - posted on 06/08/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




I have been on birth control for several years now after the birth of my daughter. Now we are talking about getting pregnant again and I would like it to be a well planned as possible (as much as I know that is kind of silly). I would like to conceive sometimes between september and november so that I can have a summer baby.

Does anyone have any insight to this? I know some women get pregnant right away, others the pill can take a while to get out of the system. I wondered if I should learn how to chart my ovulation and if that would help? Or if i should go off my pill now just in case? Unfortunately my doctor is very difficult to get in to see so getting her opinion won't help very much.


Michelle - posted on 06/08/2012




You could go off the pill now and use other forms of BC until you are wanting to conceive like condoms. That way you know that the pill is out of your system.


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Elfrieda - posted on 06/08/2012




I found that learning to chart my ovulation was very helpful, as long as you realize that you can only tell AFTER the fact that you ovulated if you just go by your temperature. (it's ideal for knowing the exact time of conception and therefore the right due date instead of that "two weeks after your period" thing) For me, since I'm very irregular, it was always, "Oh, I guess we should have had sex two nights ago instead of going to that party and falling into bed already asleep." Well, not always. We do get pregnant eventually, but it's not really according to the plan. There are two other ways of predicting ovulation that I know of. I recommend "Taking Charge of Your Fertility" by Toni something-or-other.

But if I'm right, you don't ovulate while on the pill because it tricks your body into thinking it's pregnant. So I'm not sure how much you could practice while on the pill, but you could still learn how to do it.

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